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AbstractGroovyTemplateCompiler - Class in grails.views
A generic compiler for Groovy templates that are compiled into classes in production
AbstractGroovyTemplateCompiler() - Constructor in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompiler
AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask - Class in grails.views.gradle
Abstract Gradle task for compiling templates, using GenericGroovyTemplateCompiler
AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask.1 - Class in grails.views.gradle
AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask.1() - Constructor in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask.1
AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask() - Constructor in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask
AbstractGroovyTemplatePlugin - Class in grails.views.gradle
Abstract implementation of a plugin that compiles views
AbstractGroovyTemplatePlugin(Class<? extends AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask>, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Constructor in AbstractGroovyTemplatePlugin
AbstractJsonViewContainerRenderer - Class in grails.plugin.json.renderer
A container renderer that looks up JSON views
AbstractJsonViewContainerRenderer() - Constructor in AbstractJsonViewContainerRenderer
AbstractWritableScript - Class in grails.views
A script that is writable
AbstractWritableScript() - Constructor in AbstractWritableScript
actionName - Property in GrailsView
The current action name
actionName(java.lang.String) - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
addConverter(Class<T>, Closure<?>) - Method in JsonGenerator.Options
Registers a closure that will be called when the specified type or subtype is serialized.
allowResourceExpansion - Property in GenericViewConfiguration
Whether resource expansion is allowed
appendObjectId(java.lang.StringBuilder, java.util.Map) - Method in TestLinkGenerator
APPLIED - Field in ViewsTransform
apply(org.gradle.api.Project) - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplatePlugin
asBoolean() - Method in DelegatingParameters
asBoolean() - Method in EmptyParameters
asBoolean() - Method in Parameters
The parameters as a boolean value.
ASSOCIATIONS - Property in DefaultJsonViewHelper
The associations parameter
attemptResolveClass(java.lang.String) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
attemptResolvePath(java.lang.String) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
attribute(java.lang.String, java.lang.Object) - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
attributeNames - Property in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewRequest
attributes - Property in TestRequestConfigurer
author - Property in JsonViewGrailsPlugin
author - Property in MarkupViewGrailsPlugin
authorEmail - Property in JsonViewGrailsPlugin
authorEmail - Property in MarkupViewGrailsPlugin


baseDir - Property in GenericGroovyTemplateResolver
baseTemplateClass - Property in GenericViewConfiguration
The template base class
BEFORE_CLOSURE - Field in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
beforeMethodCallExpression(org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr.MethodCallExpression) - Method in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension
beforeMethodCallExpression(org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr.MethodCallExpression) - Method in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
binding - Property in MarkupViewTemplate
binding - Property in WritableScript
BLANK - Field in GenericViewUriResolver
boolean(java.lang.String, java.lang.Boolean) - Method in DelegatingParameters
boolean(java.lang.String, java.lang.Boolean) - Method in EmptyParameters
boolean(java.lang.String, java.lang.Boolean) - Method in Parameters
Obtains the value of a parameter as a Boolean
build() - Method in JsonGenerator.Options
Creates a JsonGenerator that is based on the current options.
BUILDER_CLASS_NODE - Field in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
builderExpression - Field in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension.BuilderMethodReplacer
builderInvokeMethod - Field in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension.BuilderMethodReplacer
BuilderMethodReplacer(org.codehaus.groovy.ast.MethodNode, org.codehaus.groovy.ast.MethodNode, java.lang.String, org.codehaus.groovy.control.SourceUnit, Set<MethodCallExpression>) - Constructor in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension.BuilderMethodReplacer
BuilderTypeCheckingExtension - Class in grails.views.compiler
An abstract type checking extension for view DSLs to implement
BuilderTypeCheckingExtension.BuilderMethodReplacer - Class in grails.views.compiler
BuilderTypeCheckingExtension() - Constructor in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension
builderVariableName - Field in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension.BuilderMethodReplacer
buildPaginateParams(java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
buildQualifiers(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse) - Method in SmartViewResolver
byte(java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer) - Method in DelegatingParameters
byte(java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer) - Method in EmptyParameters
byte(java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer) - Method in Parameters
Obtains the value of a parameter as a byte


cache - Property in GenericViewConfiguration
Whether the cache templates
cache - Property in MarkupViewConfiguration
cachedTemplates - Field in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
call(java.lang.String, grails.plugin.json.builder.JsonOutput.JsonUnescaped) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper.HalStreamingJsonDelegate
call(java.lang.String, java.util.Map, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder
If you use named arguments and a closure as last argument, the key/value pairs of the map (as named arguments) and the key/value pairs represented in the closure will be merged together — the closure properties overriding the map key/values in case the same key is used.
call(java.lang.String, groovy.lang.Writable) - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
Writes an unescaped value.
callsToBeReplaced - Field in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension.BuilderMethodReplacer
char(java.lang.String, java.lang.Character) - Method in DelegatingParameters
char(java.lang.String, java.lang.Character) - Method in EmptyParameters
char(java.lang.String, java.lang.Character) - Method in Parameters
Obtains the value of a parameter as a character
characterEncoding - Property in TestRequestConfigurer
charAt(int) - Method in JsonOutput.JsonWritable
classLoader - Property in GenericGroovyTemplateResolver
The class loader to use for template loading in production mode
classLoader - Property in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
The class loader to use
classNode - Property in ViewsTransform.ModelTypesVisitor
cloneDelegateAndGetContent(java.io.Writer, groovy.lang.Closure, boolean, grails.plugin.json.builder.JsonGenerator) - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
CLOSE_BRACE - Field in JsonOutput
CLOSE_BRACKET - Field in JsonOutput
closure - Field in DefaultJsonGenerator.ClosureConverter
ClosureConverter(Class<?>, Closure<?>) - Constructor in DefaultJsonGenerator.ClosureConverter
COLON - Field in JsonOutput
COLON_WITH_OPEN_BRACE - Field in StreamingJsonBuilder
COMMA - Field in JsonOutput
compilationUnit - Property in ViewsTransform
compile(java.io.File) - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompiler
compile() - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask
COMPILE_STATIC - Field in MarkupViewTemplateEngine
compileOptions - Property in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask
compilerConfiguration - Field in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
Whether to reload views
compileStatic - Property in GenericViewConfiguration
Whether to compile templates statically
compileStatic - Field in JsonViewTemplateEngine
compileStatic - Field in MarkupViewTemplateEngine
componentType - Property in ErrorsJsonViewRenderer
config - Property in GrailsView
The configuration
config(grails.config.Config) - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
configuration - Property in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompiler
configuration - Property in GenericGroovyTemplateView
configuration - Property in MarkupViewWritableScriptTemplate
configuration - Property in SmartViewResolver
configure(java.lang.ClassLoader, groovy.text.markup.TemplateConfiguration) - Method in MarkupViewTemplateEngine.1
configureCompiler(org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilerConfiguration) - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompiler
configureCompiler(org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilerConfiguration) - Method in JsonViewCompiler
configureCompiler(org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilerConfiguration) - Method in MarkupViewCompiler
containsKey(java.lang.Object) - Method in DelegatingParameters
containsKey(java.lang.Object) - Method in EmptyParameters
containsKey(java.lang.Object) - Method in Parameters
Whether or not the key exists
contentType - Property in DefaultHalViewHelper
contentType - Property in DefaultHalViewHelper.HalStreamingJsonDelegate
contentType(java.lang.String) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewResponse
contentType - Property in JsonRenderResult
The content type
contentType(java.lang.String) - Method in JsonViewTest.TestHttpResponse
contentType(java.lang.String) - Method in JsonViewUnitTest.TestHttpResponse
contentType(java.lang.String) - Method in Response
Set the response content type
contentType - Property in SmartViewResolver
contentType - Property in TestRequestConfigurer
contextPath - Property in TestRequestConfigurer
controllerName - Property in GrailsView
The current controller name
controllerName(java.lang.String) - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
controllerNamespace - Property in GrailsView
The current controller namespace
controllerNamespace(java.lang.String) - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
convert(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator.ClosureConverter
Converts a given value.
convert(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String) - Method in InstantJsonConverter
convert(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String) - Method in JsonGenerator.Converter
Converts a given object.
convert(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String) - Method in LocalDateJsonConverter
convert(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String) - Method in LocalDateTimeJsonConverter
convert(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String) - Method in LocalTimeJsonConverter
convert(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String) - Method in OffsetDateTimeJsonConverter
convert(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String) - Method in OffsetTimeJsonConverter
convert(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String) - Method in PeriodJsonConverter
convert(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String) - Method in ZonedDateTimeJsonConverter
converters - Field in DefaultJsonGenerator
converters - Field in JsonGenerator.Options
createlinksRenderingClosure(Map<String, Object>) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper
createMarkupViewTemplate(groovy.text.Template) - Method in MarkupViewTemplateEngine
createTemplate(Class<? extends Template>, java.io.File) - Method in JsonViewTemplateEngine
createTemplate(Class<? extends Template>, java.io.File) - Method in MarkupViewTemplateEngine
createTemplate(java.io.Reader) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
currentBlock - Property in HalCodeVisitorSupport
curryDelegateAndGetContent(java.io.Writer, groovy.lang.Closure, java.lang.Object, boolean, grails.plugin.json.builder.JsonGenerator) - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate


date(java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in DelegatingParameters
date(java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in EmptyParameters
date(java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in Parameters
Obtains the value of a parameter as a Date
dateFormat - Field in DefaultJsonGenerator
dateFormat - Field in JsonGenerator.Options
dateFormat - Property in JsonViewGeneratorConfiguration
dateLocale - Field in DefaultJsonGenerator
dateLocale - Field in JsonGenerator.Options
DEEP - Field in GrailsJsonViewHelper
The deep parameter
DEFAULT_EXCLUDES - Field in DefaultJsonViewHelper
DEFAULT_GENERATOR - Field in JsonOutput
DEFAULT_GORM_EXCLUDES - Field in DefaultJsonViewHelper
DEFAULT_TIMEZONE - Field in JsonGenerator.Options
DEFAULT_TIMEZONE - Field in JsonOutput
defaultEncoding - Field in GenericGroovyTemplateView
DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
Extended version of DefaultGrailsViewHelper with methods specific to JSON view rendering
DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.1 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.1() - Constructor in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.1
DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.2 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.2() - Constructor in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.2
DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.3 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.3() - Constructor in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.3
DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.4 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.4() - Constructor in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.4
DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.5 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.5() - Constructor in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.5
DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.6 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.6() - Constructor in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.6
DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper() - Constructor in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
DefaultGrailsViewHelper - Class in grails.views.api.internal
Default methods for views, additional methods can be added via traits
DefaultGrailsViewHelper(grails.views.api.GrailsView) - Constructor in DefaultGrailsViewHelper
DefaultHalViewHelper - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
Helps creating HAL links
DefaultHalViewHelper.1 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultHalViewHelper.1() - Constructor in DefaultHalViewHelper.1
DefaultHalViewHelper.HalStreamingJsonDelegate - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultHalViewHelper(grails.plugin.json.view.api.JsonView, grails.plugin.json.view.api.GrailsJsonViewHelper) - Constructor in DefaultHalViewHelper
DefaultJsonApiIdRenderer - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.jsonapi
DefaultJsonApiIdRenderer() - Constructor in DefaultJsonApiIdRenderer
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
Colin Harrington
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.1 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.1() - Constructor in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.1
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.2 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.2() - Constructor in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.2
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.3 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.3() - Constructor in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.3
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.4 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.4() - Constructor in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.4
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.5 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.5() - Constructor in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.5
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.6 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.6() - Constructor in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.6
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.7 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.7() - Constructor in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.7
DefaultJsonApiViewHelper(grails.plugin.json.view.api.JsonView, grails.plugin.json.view.api.GrailsJsonViewHelper) - Constructor in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
DefaultJsonGenerator - Class in grails.plugin.json.builder
Temporary fork of DefaultJsonGenerator until Groovy 2.5.0 is out.
DefaultJsonGenerator.ClosureConverter - Class in grails.plugin.json.builder
A converter that handles converting a given type to a JSON value using a closure.
DefaultJsonGenerator(Options) - Constructor in DefaultJsonGenerator
DefaultJsonViewHelper - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultJsonViewHelper.1 - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultJsonViewHelper.1() - Constructor in DefaultJsonViewHelper.1
DefaultJsonViewHelper() - Constructor in DefaultJsonViewHelper
DefaultJsonViewIncludeExcludeSupport - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
DefaultJsonViewIncludeExcludeSupport(List<String>, List<String>) - Constructor in DefaultJsonViewIncludeExcludeSupport
defaultPaginateParams(java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
defaultRenderer - Property in DefaultViewRenderer
DefaultViewRenderer - Class in grails.views.mvc.renderer
A renderer implementation that looks up a view from the ViewResolver
DefaultViewRenderer(Class<T>, grails.web.mime.MimeType, grails.views.mvc.SmartViewResolver, grails.core.support.proxy.ProxyHandler, grails.rest.render.RendererRegistry, grails.rest.render.Renderer) - Constructor in DefaultViewRenderer
delegate - Property in DefaultHalViewHelper.HalStreamingJsonDelegate
delegateInvokeMethod - Field in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension.BuilderMethodReplacer
DelegatingParameters - Class in grails.views.mvc.http
Delegate to a GrailsParameterMap implementation
DelegatingParameters(grails.util.TypeConvertingMap) - Constructor in DelegatingParameters
description - Property in JsonViewGrailsPlugin
description - Property in MarkupViewGrailsPlugin
developers - Property in JsonViewGrailsPlugin
developers - Property in MarkupViewGrailsPlugin
DEVELOPMENT_MODE - Field in ViewsEnvironment
disableUnicodeEscaping - Field in DefaultJsonGenerator
disableUnicodeEscaping - Field in JsonGenerator.Options
documentation - Property in JsonViewGrailsPlugin
documentation - Property in MarkupViewGrailsPlugin
DOT_CHAR - Field in GenericGroovyTemplateResolver
DOUBLE_CLOSE_BRACKET - Field in StreamingJsonBuilder
double(java.lang.String, java.lang.Double) - Method in DelegatingParameters
double(java.lang.String, java.lang.Double) - Method in EmptyParameters
double(java.lang.String, java.lang.Double) - Method in Parameters
Obtains the value of a parameter as a Double
doWithSpring() - Method in JsonViewGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring() - Method in MarkupViewGrailsPlugin
doWrite(java.io.Writer) - Method in AbstractWritableScript
Subclasses should implement to perform the write
doWrite(java.io.Writer) - Method in JsonViewWritableScript
dynamicPrefix - Property in ViewsTransform


EMBEDDED_ATTRIBUTE - Field in DefaultHalViewHelper
embedded(java.lang.String, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper
Outputs a HAL embedded entry for the content type and closure
embedded(java.lang.String, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in HalViewHelper
Outputs a HAL embedded entry for the content type and closure
EMBEDDED_PARAMETER - Field in DefaultHalViewHelper
EMPTY_LIST_CHARS - Field in JsonOutput
EMPTY_MAP_CHARS - Field in JsonOutput
EMPTY_STRING_CHARS - Field in JsonOutput
EmptyParameters - Class in grails.views.api.internal
An empty parameters implementation
EmptyParameters() - Constructor in EmptyParameters
enableReloading - Property in GenericViewConfiguration
Whether to enable reloading
enableReloading - Property in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
Whether to enable reloading
encoding(java.lang.String) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewResponse
encoding - Property in GenericViewConfiguration
The encoding to use
encoding(java.lang.String) - Method in JsonViewTest.TestHttpResponse
encoding(java.lang.String) - Method in JsonViewUnitTest.TestHttpResponse
encoding(java.lang.String) - Method in Response
Sets the response encoding
encoding - Property in ViewCompileOptions
ensureAbsolute(java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultGrailsViewHelper
equals(java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator.ClosureConverter
Any two Converter instances registered for the same type are considered to be equal.
ErrorsJsonViewRenderer - Class in grails.plugin.json.renderer
Renderer for the errors view
ErrorsJsonViewRenderer() - Constructor in ErrorsJsonViewRenderer
escapeUnicode - Property in JsonViewGeneratorConfiguration
excludedFieldNames - Field in DefaultJsonGenerator
excludedFieldNames - Field in JsonGenerator.Options
excludedFieldTypes - Field in DefaultJsonGenerator
excludedFieldTypes - Field in JsonGenerator.Options
excludeFieldsByName(Iterable<? extends CharSequence>) - Method in JsonGenerator.Options
Excludes from the output any fields that match the specified names.
excludeFieldsByType(Iterable<Class<?>>) - Method in JsonGenerator.Options
Excludes from the output any fields whose type is the same or is assignable to any of the given types.
excludeNulls - Field in DefaultJsonGenerator
excludeNulls - Field in JsonGenerator.Options
execute(org.gradle.work.InputChanges) - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask
execute(org.gradle.process.JavaExecSpec) - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask.1
EXPAND - Property in DefaultJsonViewHelper
The expand parameter
extension - Property in GenericViewConfiguration
The file extension of the templates
extension - Property in GenericViewUriResolver
EXTENSION - Field in JsonViewWritableScript
EXTENSION - Field in MarkupViewTemplate
extension - Property in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
The view uri resolver
extension - Property in ViewsTransform


field - Property in WritableScriptTemplate.FieldSetter
FieldSetter(java.lang.reflect.Field) - Constructor in WritableScriptTemplate.FieldSetter
fileExtension - Property in AbstractGroovyTemplatePlugin
fileName - Property in ViewCompilationException
findConverter(Class<?>) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
Finds a converter that can handle the given type.
findEntity(java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
findFirstElementCausedByScript() - Method in ViewRenderException
findTraitInjectors() - Method in JsonViewsTransform
findTraitInjectors() - Method in MarkupViewsTransform
findTraitInjectors() - Method in ViewsTransform
findUniquePackages(grails.core.GrailsClass) - Method in GenericViewConfiguration
findViewConfigPropertyDescriptor() - Method in JsonViewConfiguration
findViewConfigPropertyDescriptor() - Method in MarkupViewConfiguration
first - Field in JsonOutput.JsonWritable
first - Field in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
float(java.lang.String, java.lang.Float) - Method in DelegatingParameters
float(java.lang.String, java.lang.Float) - Method in EmptyParameters
float(java.lang.String, java.lang.Float) - Method in Parameters
Obtains the value of a parameter as a Float
forkOptions - Property in ViewCompileOptions
fullTemplateNameForClass(Class<?>) - Method in TemplateResolverUtils


generator - Property in JsonView
The default generator
generator - Property in JsonViewConfiguration
generator - Property in JsonViewTemplate
generator - Property in JsonViewTemplateEngine
generator - Field in StreamingJsonBuilder
generator - Field in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
GenericGroovyTemplateResolver - Class in grails.views.resolve
A generic TemplateResolver for resolving Groovy templates that are compiled into classes
GenericGroovyTemplateResolver() - Constructor in GenericGroovyTemplateResolver
GenericGroovyTemplateView - Class in grails.views.mvc
An implementation of the Spring AbstractUrlBaseView class for ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewRequest - Class in grails.views.mvc
GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewResponse - Class in grails.views.mvc
GenericGroovyTemplateView() - Constructor in GenericGroovyTemplateView
GenericGroovyTemplateViewResolver - Class in grails.views.mvc
A UrlBasedViewResolver for ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
GenericGroovyTemplateViewResolver(grails.views.mvc.SmartViewResolver) - Constructor in GenericGroovyTemplateViewResolver
GenericViewConfiguration - Trait in grails.views
Default configuration
GenericViewUriResolver - Class in grails.views.resolve
Generic implementation for resolving views
GenericViewUriResolver(java.lang.String) - Constructor in GenericViewUriResolver
get(java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in DelegatingParameters
get(java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in EmptyParameters
get(java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in Parameters
Obtains the value of a parameter
getAbsoluteTemplateURI(java.lang.String, boolean) - Method in GenericViewUriResolver
Used to resolve template names that are not relative to a controller.
getAt(java.lang.Object) - Method in DelegatingParameters
getAt(java.lang.Object) - Method in EmptyParameters
getAt(java.lang.Object) - Method in Parameters
getAttribute(java.lang.String) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewRequest
getAttribute(java.lang.String) - Method in Request
Obtains the value of an attribute
getAttribute(java.lang.String) - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
getAttributeNames() - Method in Request
All of the attribute names
getAttributeNames() - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
getAttributes(org.grails.datastore.mapping.model.PersistentEntity) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
getBaseTemplateClass() - Method in ViewConfiguration
The template base class
getBinding() - Method in MarkupViewTemplate
getBinding() - Method in WritableScript
Obtains the binding
getBooleanFromMap(java.lang.String, Map<?, ?>, boolean) - Method in ViewUtils
Retrieves a boolean value from a Map for the given key
getBuilderClassNode() - Method in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension
The class node of the builder
getBuilderClassNode() - Method in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
getBuilderInvokeMethod() - Method in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension
The method node to invoke for an unresolved dynamic method on the main builder variable
getBuilderInvokeMethod() - Method in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
getBuilderVariableName() - Method in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension
The name within the view script of the main builder variable
getBuilderVariableName() - Method in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
getCachedTemplatesWithDefault(java.lang.String) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
getCharacterEncoding() - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewRequest
getCharacterEncoding() - Method in Request
The request character encoding
getCompilerConfiguration() - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
getCompilerName() - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask
getCompilerName() - Method in JsonViewCompilerTask
getCompilerName() - Method in MarkupViewCompilerTask
getContentType() - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewRequest
getContentType() - Method in Request
The request content type
getContextPath() - Method in DefaultGrailsViewHelper
getContextPath() - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewRequest
getContextPath() - Method in Request
The context path
getContextPath() - Method in TestLinkGenerator
getDelegateInvokeMethod() - Method in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension
The method node to invoke for unresolved methods within closures of the builder (implicit this)
getDelegateInvokeMethod() - Method in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
getDynamicTemplatePrefix() - Method in JsonViewTemplateEngine
getDynamicTemplatePrefix() - Method in MarkupViewTemplateEngine
getDynamicTemplatePrefix() - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
getEncoding() - Method in ViewConfiguration
The default encoding to use to render views
getExcludes(java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
getExpandProperties(grails.plugin.json.view.api.JsonView, java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
getExtension() - Method in ViewConfiguration
The file extension
getFileExtension() - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask
getFileExtension() - Method in JsonViewCompilerTask
getFileExtension() - Method in MarkupViewCompilerTask
getFileName() - Method in ViewRenderException
getG() - Method in GrailsView
Obtain the view helper
getG() - Method in JsonView
The default view helper
getGenerator() - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
getGenericType(java.lang.Class, java.beans.PropertyDescriptor) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
getHeader(java.lang.String) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewRequest
getHeader(java.lang.String) - Method in Request
Obtains the value of a header
getHeader(java.lang.String) - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
getHeaderNames() - Method in Request
The header for the request
getHeaderNames() - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
getHeaders(java.lang.String) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewRequest
getHeaders(java.lang.String) - Method in Request
Obtains all the values for the give header
getHeaders(java.lang.String) - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
getIdGenerator() - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
getIncludes(java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
getIndent(int, Map<Integer,char[]>) - Method in JsonOutput
Creates new indent if it not exists in the indent cache.
getIterableWritable(java.lang.Iterable, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
getJsonStackTrace(java.lang.Throwable) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
getLastOffset(java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
getLineNumber() - Method in ViewCompilationException
getLinkGenerator() - Method in DefaultGrailsViewHelper
getLinkGenerator() - Method in GrailsView
The link generator
getLinks(java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper
getMappingContext() - Method in GrailsView
The GORM mapping context
getMappingContext() - Method in JsonViewUnitTest
getMapWritable(java.util.Map, java.util.Map, groovy.lang.Closure, JsonWritable>) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
getMessageSource() - Method in GrailsView
The message source object
getMethod() - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewRequest
getMethod() - Method in Request
The request method
getMimeUtility() - Method in GrailsView
The mime utility
getModelTypes() - Method in AbstractWritableScript
getNextOffset(java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
getObjectProperties(java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
getOut() - Method in AbstractWritableScript
The current writer
getOut() - Method in WriterProvider
The current writer
getPackageImports() - Method in ViewConfiguration
The packages to automatically import
getPackageName() - Method in ViewConfiguration
The package name
getPage() - Method in HttpView
The same as getResponse()
getPaginationLinks(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
getParentPath() - Method in WritableScriptTemplate
The path to the parent directory that containers the template
getPersistentEntity(org.grails.datastore.mapping.model.PersistentEntity, java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
Retrieves the persistent entity of the value if it exists, defaults to {
getPrevOffset(java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
getProjectPackageNames(java.io.File) - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask
getProperty(java.lang.String) - Method in EmptyParameters
getProperty(java.lang.String) - Method in Parameters
getProxyHandler() - Method in GrailsView
Handlers for proxies
getRelationships(org.grails.datastore.mapping.model.PersistentEntity) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
getRenderNulls(java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
getScriptBaseName() - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask
getScriptBaseName() - Method in JsonViewCompilerTask
getScriptBaseName() - Method in MarkupViewCompilerTask
getServerBaseURL() - Method in DefaultGrailsViewHelper
getServerBaseURL() - Method in TestLinkGenerator
getSourceFile() - Method in WritableScript
Obtains the source file
getSourceUnit() - Method in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension.BuilderMethodReplacer
getStaticImports() - Method in ViewConfiguration
The static imports to automatically import
getStringListFromMap(java.lang.String, java.util.Map, List<String>) - Method in ViewUtils
Obtains a list of strings from the map for the given key
getTemplateEngine() - Method in GrailsView
The template engine
getTemplateEngine() - Method in JsonViewUnitTest
getTemplatePath() - Method in ViewConfiguration
Path to the templates
getText() - Method in JsonOutput.JsonUnescaped
getType() - Method in WritableScriptTemplate.VariableSetter
getUri() - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewRequest
getUri() - Method in Request
The request URI
getValidIdProperties(org.grails.datastore.mapping.model.PersistentEntity, java.lang.Object, List<String>, List<String>, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
getViewCacheWithDefault(java.lang.String) - Method in SmartViewResolver
getViewModuleName() - Method in JsonViewConfiguration
getViewModuleName() - Method in MarkupViewConfiguration
getViewModuleName() - Method in ViewConfiguration
The name of the views module (example json or markup)
getWriter() - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
Obtains the current writer
GrailsJsonViewHelper - Interface in grails.plugin.json.view.api
Additional methods specific to JSON views
GrailsJsonViewsPlugin - Class in grails.views.gradle.json
Concrete implementation of plugin for JSON views
GrailsJsonViewsPlugin() - Constructor in GrailsJsonViewsPlugin
GrailsMarkupViewsPlugin - Class in grails.views.gradle.markup
A plugin for compiling markup templates
GrailsMarkupViewsPlugin() - Constructor in GrailsMarkupViewsPlugin
grailsVersion - Property in JsonViewGrailsPlugin
grailsVersion - Property in MarkupViewGrailsPlugin
GrailsView - Trait in grails.views.api
A trait for all view types to extend to add methods to generate links, render other templates and so on
GrailsViewHelper - Interface in grails.views.api
Methods available via the 'g' namespace in views
GrailsViewTemplate - Class in grails.views
Graeme Rocher
GrailsViewTemplate() - Constructor in GrailsViewTemplate


hal - Property in JsonView
The HAL view helper
HalCodeVisitorSupport - Class in grails.views.compiler
HalCodeVisitorSupport(org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilationUnit) - Constructor in HalCodeVisitorSupport
HalStreamingJsonDelegate(java.lang.String, grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal.DefaultHalViewHelper, grails.plugin.json.builder.StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate) - Constructor in DefaultHalViewHelper.HalStreamingJsonDelegate
HalViewHelper - Interface in grails.plugin.json.view.api
Graeme Rocher
handles(Class<?>) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator.ClosureConverter
Returns true if this converter can handle conversions of the given type.
handles(Class<?>) - Method in InstantJsonConverter
handles(Class<?>) - Method in JsonGenerator.Converter
Returns true if this converter can handle conversions of the given type.
handles(Class<?>) - Method in LocalDateJsonConverter
handles(Class<?>) - Method in LocalDateTimeJsonConverter
handles(Class<?>) - Method in LocalTimeJsonConverter
handles(Class<?>) - Method in OffsetDateTimeJsonConverter
handles(Class<?>) - Method in OffsetTimeJsonConverter
handles(Class<?>) - Method in PeriodJsonConverter
handles(Class<?>) - Method in ZonedDateTimeJsonConverter
handleValue(java.lang.Object, java.io.Writer, java.util.Map, groovy.lang.Closure, JsonWritable>, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
hashCode() - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator.ClosureConverter
header(java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewResponse
header(Map<String, String>) - Method in JsonViewTest.TestHttpResponse
header(Map<String, String>) - Method in JsonViewUnitTest.TestHttpResponse
header(Map<String, String>) - Method in Response
Set a single named value header
header(java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
headerNames - Property in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewRequest
The header for the request
headers(Map<String, String>) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewResponse
headers - Property in JsonRenderResult
The headers
headers(Map<String, String>) - Method in JsonViewTest.TestHttpResponse
headers(Map<String, String>) - Method in JsonViewUnitTest.TestHttpResponse
headers(Map<String, String>) - Method in Response
Set multiple headers
headers - Property in TestRequestConfigurer
HREF_ATTRIBUTE - Field in DefaultHalViewHelper
HREFLANG_ATTRIBUTE - Field in DefaultHalViewHelper
httpServletResponse - Property in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewResponse
HttpView - Trait in grails.views.api
A view that is rendered in the context of an HTTP request
HttpViewRequest(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest) - Constructor in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewRequest
HttpViewResponse(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse) - Constructor in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewResponse


includeAssociations(java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
includeExcludeSupport - Property in DefaultJsonViewHelper
includes(List<String>, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultJsonViewIncludeExcludeSupport
inherits(java.util.Map) - Method in JsonView
Specify a template that this template inherits from
initialize() - Method in JsonViewResolver
initialize() - Method in MarkupViewResolver
initializeProcessedObjects(groovy.lang.Binding) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
initializeTemplate(grails.views.GrailsViewTemplate, java.io.File) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
Initialises a template instance
initModelTypes(Class<? extends WritableScript>) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine.1
initModelTypes(Class<? extends WritableScript>) - Method in WritableScriptTemplate
inline(java.lang.Object, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
inline(java.lang.Object, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper
inline(java.lang.Object) - Method in GrailsJsonViewHelper
Renders the given object inline within the current JSON object instead of creating a new JSON object
inline(java.lang.Object) - Method in HalViewHelper
Same as GrailsJsonViewHelper.inline but renders HAL links too
inline - Field in JsonOutput.JsonWritable
inline - Property in JsonViewWritableScript
innerEngine - Property in MarkupViewTemplateEngine
insideScope - Property in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension
InstantJsonConverter - Class in grails.plugin.json.converters
A class to render a java.time.Instant as json
InstantJsonConverter() - Constructor in InstantJsonConverter
int(java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer) - Method in DelegatingParameters
int(java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer) - Method in EmptyParameters
int(java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer) - Method in Parameters
Obtains the value of a parameter as an integer
intercept(org.spockframework.runtime.extension.IMethodInvocation) - Method in JsonViewSetupSpecInterceptor
invoke(grails.views.WritableScript, java.lang.Object) - Method in WritableScriptTemplate.FieldSetter
invoke(grails.views.WritableScript, java.lang.Object) - Method in WritableScriptTemplate.MethodSetter
invoke(grails.views.WritableScript, java.lang.Object) - Method in WritableScriptTemplate.VariableSetter
invokeMethod(java.lang.String, java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper.HalStreamingJsonDelegate
invokeMethod(java.lang.String, java.lang.Object) - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder
A method call on the JSON builder instance will create a root object with only one key whose name is the name of the method being called.
invokeMethod(java.lang.String, java.lang.Object) - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
invokeMethod(java.lang.String, java.lang.Object) - Method in TemplateRenderer
isAllowResourceExpansion() - Method in ViewConfiguration
Whether to allow resource expansion
isAttributeAssociation(org.grails.datastore.mapping.model.types.Association) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
isCache() - Method in MarkupViewConfiguration
isCache() - Method in ViewConfiguration
Whether to cache
isCollectionWithClosure(java.lang.Object) - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
isCompileStatic() - Method in ViewConfiguration
Should compile statically
isDevelopmentMode() - Method in ViewsEnvironment
Whether development mode is enabled
isEmpty() - Method in DelegatingParameters
isEmpty() - Method in EmptyParameters
isEmpty() - Method in Parameters
Whether there are any parameters
isEnableReloading() - Method in ViewConfiguration
Whether reloading is enabled
isExcludingFieldsNamed(java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
isExcludingFieldsNamed(java.lang.String) - Method in JsonGenerator
Indicates whether this JsonGenerator is configured to exclude fields by the given name.
isExcludingValues(java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
isExcludingValues(java.lang.Object) - Method in JsonGenerator
Indicates whether this JsonGenerator is configured to exclude values of the given object (may be null).
isMethodDynamic(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object) - Method in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension
isMethodDynamic(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object) - Method in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
isPrettyPrint() - Method in ViewConfiguration
Whether to pretty print
isPropertyDynamic(org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr.PropertyExpression) - Method in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension
isPropertyDynamic(org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr.PropertyExpression) - Method in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
isSimpleType(java.lang.Class, java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
isSimpleValue(java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
isStringType(java.lang.Class) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
issueManagement - Property in JsonViewGrailsPlugin
issueManagement - Property in MarkupViewGrailsPlugin
isUseAbsoluteLinks() - Method in ViewConfiguration
Whether to use absolute links


JSON_API_OBJECT - Property in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
The jsonapiobject parameter
JSON_BUILDER_INVOKE_METHOD - Field in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
JSON_DATE_FORMAT - Field in JsonGenerator.Options
JSON_DATE_FORMAT - Field in JsonOutput
JSON_DATE_FORMAT_LOCALE - Field in JsonGenerator.Options
JSON_DELEGATE_INVOKE_METHOD - Field in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
json - Property in JsonRenderResult
The JSON result
json - Property in JsonView
The StreamingJsonBuilder instance
json(java.lang.Object) - Method in JsonViewWritableScript
JSON_VIEW_SUFFIX - Field in JsonViewResolver
jsonapi - Property in JsonView
The JSON API view helper
JsonApiIdRenderStrategy - Interface in grails.plugin.json.view.api.jsonapi
jsonApiIdRenderStrategy - Property in JsonView
The strategy to use to render identifiers in the JSON API specification
jsonApiIdRenderStrategy - Property in JsonViewTemplate
jsonApiIdRenderStrategy - Property in JsonViewTemplateEngine
jsonApiIdRenderStrategy - Property in JsonViewTest
JsonApiViewHelper - Interface in grails.plugin.json.view.api
Colin Harrington
jsonDelegate - Field in DefaultHalViewHelper
JsonGenerator - Interface in grails.plugin.json.builder
Temporary fork of groovy JsonGenerator until Groovy 2.5.0 is out.
JsonGenerator.Converter - Interface in grails.plugin.json.builder
Handles converting a given type.
JsonGenerator.Options - Class in grails.plugin.json.builder
A builder used to construct a JsonGenerator instance that allows control over the serialized JSON output.
JsonOutput - Class in grails.plugin.json.builder
Temporary fork of groovy.json.JsonOutput until Groovy 2.5.0 is out.
JsonOutput.JsonUnescaped - Class in grails.plugin.json.builder
Represents unescaped JSON
JsonOutput.JsonWritable - Class in grails.plugin.json.builder
Represents unescaped JSON
JsonRenderResult - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.test
A result object returned by JsonViewTest
JsonRenderResult() - Constructor in JsonRenderResult
JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.internal
A type checking extension for JSON builder
JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension() - Constructor in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
jsonText - Property in JsonRenderResult
The raw JSON text
JsonUnescaped(java.lang.CharSequence) - Constructor in JsonOutput.JsonUnescaped
JsonView - Trait in grails.plugin.json.view.api
Extends default view API with additional methods
jsonView - Property in TestRequestConfigurer
JsonViewCompiler - Class in grails.plugin.json.view
A compiler for JSON views
JsonViewCompiler() - Constructor in JsonViewCompiler
JsonViewCompilerTask - Class in grails.views.gradle.json
Concrete implementation that compiles JSON templates
JsonViewCompilerTask() - Constructor in JsonViewCompilerTask
JsonViewConfiguration - Class in grails.plugin.json.view
Default configuration for JSON views
JsonViewConfiguration() - Constructor in JsonViewConfiguration
JsonViewGeneratorConfiguration - Class in grails.plugin.json.view
Created by jameskleeh on 11/8/16.
JsonViewGeneratorConfiguration() - Constructor in JsonViewGeneratorConfiguration
JsonViewGrailsPlugin - Class in grails.plugin.json.view
JsonViewGrailsPlugin() - Constructor in JsonViewGrailsPlugin
jsonViewHelper - Property in TemplateRenderer
JsonViewJsonRenderer - Class in grails.plugin.json.renderer
A renderer that will lookup a JSON view if it exists and render it, otherwise fallback to default
JsonViewJsonRenderer(Class<T>, grails.web.mime.MimeType, grails.views.mvc.SmartViewResolver, grails.core.support.proxy.ProxyHandler, grails.rest.render.RendererRegistry, grails.rest.render.Renderer) - Constructor in JsonViewJsonRenderer
JsonViewResolver - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.mvc
Graeme Rocher
jsonViewResolver - Property in AbstractJsonViewContainerRenderer
JsonViewResolver(grails.plugin.json.view.JsonViewTemplateEngine, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Constructor in JsonViewResolver
JsonViewSetupSpecInterceptor - Class in grails.views.json.test.spock
JsonViewSetupSpecInterceptor() - Constructor in JsonViewSetupSpecInterceptor
jsonViewSetupSpecInterceptor - Property in JsonViewSpockExtension
JsonViewSpockExtension - Class in grails.views.json.test.spock
JsonViewSpockExtension() - Constructor in JsonViewSpockExtension
JsonViewsTransform - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.internal
Graeme ROcher
JsonViewsTransform() - Constructor in JsonViewsTransform
JsonViewTemplate - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.template
JsonViewTemplate() - Constructor in JsonViewTemplate
JsonViewTemplateEngine - Class in grails.plugin.json.view
A template engine for parsing JSON views
JsonViewTemplateEngine(grails.views.ViewConfiguration, java.lang.ClassLoader) - Constructor in JsonViewTemplateEngine
Constructs a JsonTemplateEngine with a custom base class
JsonViewTest - Trait in grails.plugin.json.view.test
A trait that test classes can implement to add support for easily testing JSON views
JsonViewTest.TestHttpResponse - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.test
JsonViewUnitTest - Trait in grails.views.json.test
JsonViewUnitTest.TestHttpResponse - Class in grails.views.json.test
JsonViewWritableScript - Class in grails.plugin.json.view
JsonViewWritableScript() - Constructor in JsonViewWritableScript


keySet() - Method in DelegatingParameters
keySet() - Method in EmptyParameters
keySet() - Method in Parameters
The parameter names


lastModified - Property in WritableScriptTemplate
The last modified stamp of the source file. -1 if no source file.
length() - Method in JsonOutput.JsonWritable
license - Property in JsonViewGrailsPlugin
license - Property in MarkupViewGrailsPlugin
lineNumber - Property in ViewRenderException
link(java.util.Map, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultGrailsViewHelper
link(java.util.Map, java.lang.String) - Method in TestLinkGenerator
linkGenerator - Property in GrailsViewTemplate
The link generator
linkGenerator - Property in JsonViewTest
linkGenerator - Field in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
LINKS_ATTRIBUTE - Field in DefaultHalViewHelper
links(java.util.Map, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper
links(java.util.Map, java.lang.Object, java.lang.Number) - Method in HalViewHelper
Creates HAL links for the given model and pagination object
list(java.lang.String) - Method in DelegatingParameters
list(java.lang.String) - Method in EmptyParameters
list(java.lang.String) - Method in Parameters
Returns value of the parameter as a list of values
LocalDateJsonConverter - Class in grails.plugin.json.converters
A class to render a java.time.LocalDate as json
LocalDateJsonConverter() - Constructor in LocalDateJsonConverter
LocalDateTimeJsonConverter - Class in grails.plugin.json.converters
A class to render a java.time.LocalDateTime as json
LocalDateTimeJsonConverter() - Constructor in LocalDateTimeJsonConverter
locale - Property in JsonViewGeneratorConfiguration
locale - Property in View
The locale of the view
localeResolver - Property in GenericGroovyTemplateView
localeResolver - Property in SmartViewResolver
LocalTimeJsonConverter - Class in grails.plugin.json.converters
A class to render a java.time.LocalTime as json
LocalTimeJsonConverter() - Constructor in LocalTimeJsonConverter
log - Field in AbstractWritableScript
A logger that can be used within views
long(java.lang.String, java.lang.Long) - Method in DelegatingParameters
long(java.lang.String, java.lang.Long) - Method in EmptyParameters
long(java.lang.String, java.lang.Long) - Method in Parameters
Obtains the value of a parameter as a Long


main(java.lang.String) - Method in JsonViewCompiler
main(java.lang.String) - Method in MarkupViewCompiler
make(java.util.Map) - Method in JsonViewTemplate
make(java.util.Map) - Method in MarkupViewWritableScriptTemplate
make(java.util.Map) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine.1
make(java.util.Map) - Method in WritableScriptTemplate
mappingContext - Property in GrailsViewTemplate
The GORM mapping context
mappingContext - Property in JsonViewTest
mappingContext - Field in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
mappingContext - Property in TestLinkGenerator
MARKUP_VIEW_SUFFIX - Field in MarkupViewResolver
MarkupView - Trait in grails.plugin.markup.view.api
Extra methods added to markup views
MarkupViewCompiler - Class in grails.plugin.markup.view
A compiler for markup templates
MarkupViewCompiler() - Constructor in MarkupViewCompiler
MarkupViewCompilerTask - Class in grails.views.gradle.markup
MarkupView compiler task for Gradle
MarkupViewCompilerTask() - Constructor in MarkupViewCompilerTask
MarkupViewConfiguration - Class in grails.plugin.markup.view
Graeme Rocher
MarkupViewConfiguration() - Constructor in MarkupViewConfiguration
MarkupViewGrailsPlugin - Class in grails.plugin.markup.view
Plugin class for markup views
MarkupViewGrailsPlugin() - Constructor in MarkupViewGrailsPlugin
MarkupViewResolver - Class in grails.plugin.markup.view.mvc
Graeme Rocher
MarkupViewResolver(grails.plugin.markup.view.MarkupViewTemplateEngine, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Constructor in MarkupViewResolver
MarkupViewsTransform - Class in grails.plugin.markup.view.internal
Graeme Rocher
MarkupViewsTransform() - Constructor in MarkupViewsTransform
MarkupViewTemplate - Class in grails.plugin.markup.view
Base class for markup engine templates
MarkupViewTemplate(groovy.text.markup.MarkupTemplateEngine, java.util.Map, Map<String, String>, groovy.text.markup.TemplateConfiguration) - Constructor in MarkupViewTemplate
MarkupViewTemplateEngine - Class in grails.plugin.markup.view
A ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine that uses Groovy's groovy.text.markup.MarkupTemplateEngine internally
MarkupViewTemplateEngine.1 - Class in grails.plugin.markup.view
MarkupViewTemplateEngine.1() - Constructor in MarkupViewTemplateEngine.1
MarkupViewTemplateEngine(grails.plugin.markup.view.MarkupViewConfiguration, java.lang.ClassLoader) - Constructor in MarkupViewTemplateEngine
MarkupViewWritableScriptTemplate - Class in grails.plugin.markup.view
Graeme Rocher
MarkupViewWritableScriptTemplate(Class<? extends GrailsView>, java.io.File, groovy.text.markup.MarkupTemplateEngine, grails.plugin.markup.view.MarkupViewConfiguration) - Constructor in MarkupViewWritableScriptTemplate
MarkupViewXmlRenderer - Class in grails.plugin.markup.view.renderer
Integration with the Grails renderer framework
MarkupViewXmlRenderer(Class<T>, grails.web.mime.MimeType, grails.views.mvc.SmartViewResolver, grails.core.support.proxy.ProxyHandler, grails.rest.render.RendererRegistry, grails.rest.render.Renderer) - Constructor in MarkupViewXmlRenderer
message(java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultGrailsViewHelper
message(java.util.Map) - Method in GrailsViewHelper
Obtains a i18n message
message - Property in JsonRenderResult
The HTTP response message
messageSource - Property in GrailsViewTemplate
The message source object
messageSource - Property in JsonViewTest
messageSource - Field in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
META - Property in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
The meta parameter
method - Property in TestRequestConfigurer
method - Property in WritableScriptTemplate.MethodSetter
MethodSetter(java.lang.Class, java.lang.reflect.Method) - Constructor in WritableScriptTemplate.MethodSetter
mimeTypes - Property in JsonViewConfiguration
mimeTypes - Property in MarkupViewConfiguration
mimeUtility - Property in GrailsViewTemplate
The mime utility
mimeUtility - Property in JsonViewTest
mimeUtility - Field in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
model(java.lang.String, Class<T>) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
Obtains a model value for the given name and type
model(groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in GrailsView
Defines the model
MODEL_OBJECT - Field in DefaultViewRenderer
MODEL_TYPES_FIELD - Field in Views
Field used to hold the model types
MODEL_TYPES - Field in Views
The identifier used for model types
MODEL - Field in Views
The identifier used for model types
modelSetters - Field in WritableScriptTemplate
modelTypes - Property in AbstractWritableScript
modelTypes - Property in ViewsTransform.ModelTypesVisitor
ModelTypesVisitor(org.codehaus.groovy.control.SourceUnit) - Constructor in ViewsTransform.ModelTypesVisitor
MODULE_NAME - Field in JsonViewConfiguration
MODULE_NAME - Field in MarkupViewConfiguration


NAME - Enum Constant in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate.State
NEW_LINE - Field in JsonOutput
newStatements - Property in HalCodeVisitorSupport
newViewsTransform() - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompiler
newViewsTransform() - Method in JsonViewCompiler
newViewsTransform() - Method in JsonViewTemplateEngine
newViewsTransform() - Method in MarkupViewCompiler
newViewsTransform() - Method in MarkupViewTemplateEngine
newViewsTransform() - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
NOOP_OUTPUT - Field in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
notCircular(grails.plugin.json.view.template.JsonViewTemplate) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
NULL_ENTRY - Field in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
NULL_OUTPUT - Field in DefaultJsonViewHelper
NULL_VALUE - Field in JsonOutput


OBJECT_TEMPLATE_NAME - Field in SmartViewResolver
objectHasErrors(java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
objectView - Property in SmartViewResolver
OffsetDateTimeJsonConverter - Class in grails.plugin.json.converters
A class to render a java.time.OffsetDateTime as json
OffsetDateTimeJsonConverter() - Constructor in OffsetDateTimeJsonConverter
OffsetTimeJsonConverter - Class in grails.plugin.json.converters
A class to render a java.time.OffsetTime as json
OffsetTimeJsonConverter() - Constructor in OffsetTimeJsonConverter
OPEN_BRACE - Field in JsonOutput
OPEN_BRACKET - Field in JsonOutput
Options() - Constructor in JsonGenerator.Options
organization - Property in JsonViewGrailsPlugin
organization - Property in MarkupViewGrailsPlugin
out - Property in AbstractWritableScript
out - Property in View
The output stream


packageImports - Property in GenericViewConfiguration
The default package imports
packageName - Property in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompiler
packageName - Property in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask
packageName - Property in GenericGroovyTemplateResolver
The base package to load templates as classes in production mode
packageName - Property in GenericViewConfiguration
The package name to use
paginate(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper
paginate(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in HalViewHelper
Pagination support which outputs hal links to the resulting pages
PAGINATION - Property in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
The pagination parameter
PAGINATION_MAX - Field in DefaultJsonViewHelper
PAGINATION_OFFSET - Field in DefaultJsonViewHelper
PAGINATION_ORDER - Field in DefaultJsonViewHelper
PAGINATION_RESROUCE - Field in DefaultJsonViewHelper
PAGINATION_SORT - Field in DefaultJsonViewHelper
PAGINATION_TOTAL - Field in DefaultJsonViewHelper
paramCount - Field in DefaultJsonGenerator.ClosureConverter
parameterMap - Property in DelegatingParameters
Parameters - Interface in grails.views.api.http
Represents HTTP parameters
PARAMETERS - Field in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
params - Property in HttpView
The parameters
params(java.util.Map) - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
paramsWithOffset(Map<String, Object>, java.lang.Integer) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper
Creates a new Parameter map with the new offset Note: necessary to avoid clone until Groovy 2.5.x https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/GROOVY-7325
parentData - Property in JsonView
ParentInfo - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
ParentInfo() - Constructor in ParentInfo
parentModel - Property in ParentInfo
The parent model, if any
parentTemplate - Property in ParentInfo
The parent template if any
pathToSource - Property in AbstractGroovyTemplatePlugin
PeriodJsonConverter - Class in grails.plugin.json.converters
A class to render a java.time.Period as json
PeriodJsonConverter() - Constructor in PeriodJsonConverter
PluginAwareTemplateResolver - Class in grails.views.resolve
A template resolver capable of looking through the installed Grails plugins and finding a template within the scope of the plugin
PluginAwareTemplateResolver(grails.views.ViewConfiguration) - Constructor in PluginAwareTemplateResolver
pluginManager - Property in PluginAwareTemplateResolver
populateModelWithViewState(java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
populatePackages(java.io.File, Collection<String>, java.lang.String) - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask
prepareArguments(List<String>) - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask
prepareCustomizers(org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilerConfiguration) - Method in JsonViewTemplateEngine
prepareCustomizers(org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilerConfiguration) - Method in MarkupViewTemplateEngine
prepareCustomizers(org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilerConfiguration) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
prepareParentWritable(grails.views.GrailsViewTemplate, java.util.Map) - Method in JsonViewWritableScript
prepareWritable(groovy.text.Template, java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
prepareWritable(groovy.lang.Writable, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse, java.util.Locale) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView
preProcessedOutput(java.lang.Object, JsonWritable>) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
prettyPrint - Property in GenericViewConfiguration
Whether to pretty print
prettyPrint - Property in GrailsView
Whether to pretty print
prettyPrint(java.lang.String) - Method in JsonOutput
Pretty print a JSON payload.
prettyPrint - Property in WritableScriptTemplate
Whether to pretty print the template
process(grails.plugin.json.builder.StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate, org.grails.datastore.mapping.model.PersistentEntity, java.lang.Object, JsonWritable>, List<String>, List<String>, java.lang.String, boolean, boolean, List<String>, boolean, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
PROCESSED_OBJECT_VARIABLE - Field in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
processSimple(grails.plugin.json.builder.StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate, java.lang.Object, JsonWritable>, List<String>, List<String>, java.lang.String, java.lang.Boolean, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
processSimpleProperty(grails.plugin.json.builder.StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate, org.grails.datastore.mapping.model.PersistentProperty, java.lang.String, java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
produceResult(groovy.text.Template, java.util.Map, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in JsonViewTest
produceResult(groovy.text.Template, java.util.Map, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in JsonViewUnitTest
profiles - Property in JsonViewGrailsPlugin
profiles - Property in MarkupViewGrailsPlugin
proxyHandler - Property in DefaultViewRenderer
proxyHandler - Property in GrailsViewTemplate
Handlers for proxies
proxyHandler - Property in JsonViewResolver
proxyHandler - Property in MarkupViewResolver
proxyHandler - Field in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine


QUOTE - Field in JsonOutput


readConfiguration(grails.config.ConfigMap) - Method in GenericViewConfiguration
render(T, grails.rest.render.RenderContext) - Method in AbstractJsonViewContainerRenderer
render(java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
render(java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper
render(java.lang.Object, org.grails.datastore.mapping.model.PersistentProperty) - Method in DefaultJsonApiIdRenderer
render(java.lang.Object, java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
render(T, grails.rest.render.RenderContext) - Method in DefaultViewRenderer
render(java.lang.Object, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in GrailsJsonViewHelper
Renders the given object to JSON, typically a domain class, ignoring lazy and internal properties
render(java.lang.Object) - Method in HalViewHelper
Same as GrailsJsonViewHelper.render but renders HAL links too
render(java.lang.Object, org.grails.datastore.mapping.model.PersistentProperty) - Method in JsonApiIdRenderStrategy
object - The instance of the domain class
render(java.lang.Object, java.util.Map) - Method in JsonApiViewHelper
render(java.util.Map, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in JsonViewTest
Render one of the GSON views in the grails-app/views directory for the given arguments
render(java.util.Map, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in JsonViewUnitTest
Render one of the GSON views in the grails-app/views directory for the given arguments
renderChildTemplate(groovy.text.Template, java.lang.Class, java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
renderData(java.lang.Object, java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
renderDefault(java.lang.Object, java.util.Map, groovy.lang.Closure, JsonWritable>, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
renderEmbeddedEntity(java.lang.Object, org.grails.datastore.mapping.model.types.Association, java.io.Writer, java.lang.String, List<String>, List<String>) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
renderEntityId(grails.plugin.json.builder.StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate, JsonWritable>, List<String>, List<String>, java.lang.String, boolean, boolean, List<String>, Map<PersistentProperty, Object>) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
renderEntityProperties(org.grails.datastore.mapping.model.PersistentEntity, java.lang.Object, org.grails.datastore.mapping.reflect.EntityReflector, grails.plugin.json.builder.StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper
rendererRegistry - Property in DefaultViewRenderer
rendererRegistry - Property in JsonViewResolver
rendererRegistry - Property in MarkupViewResolver
renderErrors(java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
renderException(java.io.Writer, java.lang.Throwable) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
renderIncluded(java.lang.Object, java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
renderJsonApiMember(java.io.Writer, java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
renderLinks(java.lang.Object, java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
renderMergedOutputModel(Map<String, Object>, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView
renderMetaObject(java.io.Writer, java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
renderProperty(java.lang.Object, org.grails.datastore.mapping.model.PersistentProperty, org.grails.datastore.mapping.reflect.EntityReflector, grails.plugin.json.builder.StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper
renderRelationshipLinks(java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
renderResource(java.lang.Object, java.io.Writer, java.util.Map, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
renderTemplate(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
renderTemplateOrDefault(java.lang.Object, java.util.Map, groovy.lang.Closure, JsonWritable>, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper
Request - Interface in grails.views.api.http
Allows access to request properties
request - Property in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewRequest
request - Property in HttpView
The request object
resetProcessedObjects() - Method in JsonViewWritableScript
ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine - Class in grails.views
A TemplateEngine that can resolve templates using the configured TemplateResolver
ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine.1 - Class in grails.views
ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine.1() - Constructor in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine.1
ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine(grails.views.ViewConfiguration, java.lang.ClassLoader) - Constructor in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
Creates a ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine for the given base class name and file extension
resolveCache - Field in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
resolveClassesDirs(org.gradle.api.tasks.SourceSetOutput, org.gradle.api.Project) - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplatePlugin
resolveModelName() - Method in AbstractJsonViewContainerRenderer
resolveTemplate(java.lang.String) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateResolver
resolveTemplate(java.lang.String) - Method in MarkupViewTemplateEngine.1
resolveTemplate(java.lang.String) - Method in PluginAwareTemplateResolver
resolveTemplate(java.lang.String, java.util.Locale, java.lang.String) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
Resolves a template for the given path
resolveTemplate(java.lang.String, java.util.Locale, java.lang.String) - Method in SmartViewResolver
resolveTemplate(java.lang.String) - Method in TemplateResolver
Resolves the URL to a template using the given path
resolveTemplateClass(java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateResolver
resolveTemplateClass(java.lang.String) - Method in PluginAwareTemplateResolver
resolveTemplateClass(java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in TemplateResolver
Resolves a template class for the path
resolveTemplateName(java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateResolver
resolveTemplateUri(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, boolean) - Method in GenericViewUriResolver
resolveTemplateUri(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Method in ViewUriResolver
Resolves a template URI for the given path
resolveView(java.lang.Class, java.util.Locale) - Method in SmartViewResolver
resolveViewName(java.lang.String, java.util.Locale) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateViewResolver
resolveViewWithController(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, org.grails.web.servlet.mvc.GrailsWebRequest) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateViewResolver
resource(java.util.Map) - Method in DefaultGrailsViewHelper
resource(java.util.Map) - Method in TestLinkGenerator
Response - Interface in grails.views.api.http
Allows control over the page response (headers, content type, status)
response - Property in HttpView
The page object
result - Property in JsonViewTest.TestHttpResponse
result - Property in JsonViewUnitTest.TestHttpResponse
root - Property in JsonViewWritableScript
run(java.lang.String, Class<? extends GenericViewConfiguration>, Class<? extends AbstractGroovyTemplateCompiler>) - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompiler
run() - Method in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension
run() - Method in WritableScript
Runs the script and returns the result


scm - Property in JsonViewGrailsPlugin
scm - Property in MarkupViewGrailsPlugin
SELF_ATTRIBUTE - Field in DefaultHalViewHelper
serialVersionUID - Field in ViewCompileOptions
setActionName(java.lang.String) - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
setBinding(groovy.lang.Binding) - Method in MarkupViewTemplate
setBinding(groovy.lang.Binding) - Method in WritableScript
Sets the binding
setCache(boolean) - Method in MarkupViewConfiguration
setConfig(grails.config.Config) - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
setControllerName(java.lang.String) - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
setControllerNamespace(java.lang.String) - Method in TestRequestConfigurer
setDelegate(grails.plugin.json.builder.StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper
setDelegate(grails.plugin.json.builder.StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate) - Method in HalViewHelper
setEncoding(java.lang.String) - Method in MarkupViewConfiguration
setFirst(boolean) - Method in JsonOutput.JsonWritable
setFirst(boolean) - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
setGrailsApplication(grails.core.GrailsApplication) - Method in GenericViewConfiguration
setGrailsApplication(grails.core.GrailsApplication) - Method in JsonViewTest
setInline(boolean) - Method in JsonOutput.JsonWritable
setLinkGenerator(grails.web.mapping.LinkGenerator) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
setLinkGenerator(grails.web.mapping.LinkGenerator) - Method in SmartViewResolver
setLocaleResolver(org.springframework.web.servlet.LocaleResolver) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView
setMappingContext(org.grails.datastore.mapping.model.MappingContext) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
setMessageSource(org.springframework.context.MessageSource) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
setMimeUtility(grails.web.mime.MimeUtility) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
setModelTypes(Map<String, Class>) - Method in AbstractWritableScript
setPluginManager(grails.plugins.GrailsPluginManager) - Method in PluginAwareTemplateResolver
setPrettyPrint(boolean) - Method in MarkupViewConfiguration
setProxyHandler(grails.core.support.proxy.ProxyHandler) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
setSource(java.lang.Object) - Method in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask
setSourceFile(java.io.File) - Method in WritableScript
file - Sets the source file
setTemplateEngine(grails.views.ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView
setTemplateResolver(grails.views.TemplateResolver) - Method in SmartViewResolver
setup(grails.views.json.test.JsonViewUnitTest) - Method in JsonViewSetupSpecInterceptor
short(java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer) - Method in DelegatingParameters
short(java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer) - Method in EmptyParameters
short(java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer) - Method in Parameters
Obtains the value of a parameter as a character
shortTemplateNameForClass(Class<?>) - Method in TemplateResolverUtils
shouldCache - Property in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
shouldExcludeType(Class<?>) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
Indicates whether the given type should be excluded from the generated output.
shouldInclude(List<String>, java.util.List, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultJsonViewIncludeExcludeSupport
simpleIncludeExcludeSupport - Property in DefaultJsonViewHelper
SLASH_CHAR - Field in GenericGroovyTemplateResolver
The base directory to load templates in development mode
SLASH - Field in GenericViewUriResolver
SLASH_STR - Field in GenericViewUriResolver
SLASH_UNDR - Field in GenericViewUriResolver
SmartViewResolver - Class in grails.views.mvc
Spring's default view resolving mechanism only accepts the view name and locale, this forces you to code around its limitations when you want to add intelligent features such as version and mime type awareness.
smartViewResolver - Property in GenericGroovyTemplateViewResolver
SmartViewResolver(grails.views.ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Constructor in SmartViewResolver
sourceDir - Property in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompiler
sourceFile - Property in AbstractWritableScript
The source file
sourceFile - Property in MarkupViewTemplate
sourceFile - Property in ViewRenderException
sourceFile - Property in WritableScript
sourceFile - Property in WritableScriptTemplate
The source file of the template.
sourceUnit - Property in ViewsTransform.ModelTypesVisitor
SPACE - Field in JsonOutput
srcDir - Property in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompileTask
state - Field in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
staticImports - Property in GenericViewConfiguration
The default static imports
status(org.springframework.http.HttpStatus, java.lang.String) - Method in GenericGroovyTemplateView.HttpViewResponse
status - Property in JsonRenderResult
The status
status(org.springframework.http.HttpStatus, java.lang.String) - Method in JsonViewTest.TestHttpResponse
status(org.springframework.http.HttpStatus, java.lang.String) - Method in JsonViewUnitTest.TestHttpResponse
status(org.springframework.http.HttpStatus, java.lang.String) - Method in Response
Sets the response status
StreamingJsonBuilder - Class in grails.plugin.json.builder
Temporary fork of groovy.json.StreamingJsonBuilder until Groovy 2.4.5 is out.
StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate - Class in grails.plugin.json.builder
The delegate used when invoking closures
StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate.State - Enum in grails.plugin.json.builder
StreamingJsonBuilder(java.io.Writer, java.lang.Object, grails.plugin.json.builder.JsonGenerator) - Constructor in StreamingJsonBuilder
Instantiates a JSON builder, possibly with some existing data structure and the given generator.
StreamingJsonDelegate(java.io.Writer, boolean, grails.plugin.json.builder.JsonGenerator) - Constructor in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
subSequence(int, int) - Method in JsonOutput.JsonWritable
suffix - Property in SmartViewResolver


taskClass - Property in AbstractGroovyTemplatePlugin
TEMPLATE_NAMESPACE_INVOKE_METHOD - Field in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
TEMPLATE_NAMESPACE - Field in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
templateByPath(java.lang.String) - Method in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
templateClass - Property in WritableScriptTemplate
The class of the template
templateCounter - Field in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
templateEngine - Property in GenericGroovyTemplateView
templateEngine - Property in GrailsViewTemplate
The template engine
templateEngine - Property in JsonViewTest
templateEngine - Property in MarkupViewWritableScriptTemplate
templateEngine - Property in SmartViewResolver
templateNameForClass(Class<?>) - Method in DefaultViewRenderer
templatePath - Property in GenericViewConfiguration
The path to the templates
templatePath - Property in WritableScriptTemplate
The resolved template path
TemplateRenderer - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.api.internal
Handles the template namespace
TemplateRenderer(grails.plugin.json.view.api.GrailsJsonViewHelper) - Constructor in TemplateRenderer
TemplateResolver - Interface in grails.views
Interface for resolving templates
templateResolver - Property in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
The TemplateResolver to use
TemplateResolverUtils - Class in grails.views.resolve
Utility methods for resolving template names
TemplateResolverUtils() - Constructor in TemplateResolverUtils
TestHttpResponse(grails.plugin.json.view.test.JsonRenderResult) - Constructor in JsonViewTest.TestHttpResponse
TestHttpResponse(grails.plugin.json.view.test.JsonRenderResult) - Constructor in JsonViewUnitTest.TestHttpResponse
TestLinkGenerator - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.test
A test link generator
TestLinkGenerator(org.grails.datastore.mapping.model.MappingContext) - Constructor in TestLinkGenerator
TestRequestConfigurer - Class in grails.plugin.json.view.test
Allows configuring the JSON view rendering for request state
TestRequestConfigurer(grails.plugin.json.view.api.JsonView) - Constructor in TestRequestConfigurer
text - Field in JsonOutput.JsonUnescaped
timezone - Field in DefaultJsonGenerator
timezone - Field in JsonGenerator.Options
timeZone - Property in JsonViewGeneratorConfiguration
title - Property in JsonViewGrailsPlugin
title - Property in MarkupViewGrailsPlugin
tmpl - Property in JsonView
The template namespace
TO_STRING_TYPES - Field in DefaultJsonViewHelper
toJson(java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
toJson(java.lang.Object) - Method in JsonGenerator
Converts an object to its JSON representation.
toJson(java.util.Map) - Method in JsonOutput
m - a java.util.Map to format to JSON string
toString() - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator.ClosureConverter
toString() - Method in JsonOutput.JsonUnescaped
toString() - Method in JsonOutput.JsonWritable
transform(org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr.Expression) - Method in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension.BuilderMethodReplacer
transformDynamicMethods(org.codehaus.groovy.control.SourceUnit, org.codehaus.groovy.ast.MethodNode, java.util.Set) - Method in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension
transformDynamicMethods(org.codehaus.groovy.control.SourceUnit, org.codehaus.groovy.ast.MethodNode, java.util.Set) - Method in JsonTemplateTypeCheckingExtension
TYPE_ATTRIBUTE - Field in DefaultHalViewHelper
type(java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper
name - Sets the HAL response type
type - Field in DefaultJsonGenerator.ClosureConverter
type(java.lang.String) - Method in HalViewHelper
name - Sets the HAL response type
TYPE - Field in JsonViewWritableScript
TYPE - Field in MarkupViewTemplate
TYPE - Field in Views
The artefact type identifier for Grails
type - Property in WritableScriptTemplate.FieldSetter
type - Property in WritableScriptTemplate.MethodSetter


UNDERSCORE_CHAR - Field in GenericGroovyTemplateResolver
UNDERSCORE - Field in GenericViewUriResolver
unescaped(java.lang.CharSequence) - Method in JsonOutput
Obtains JSON unescaped text for the given text
unit - Field in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension.BuilderMethodReplacer
unit - Property in HalCodeVisitorSupport
uri - Property in TestRequestConfigurer
useAbsoluteLinks - Property in GenericViewConfiguration
Whether to use absolute links
useAbsoluteLinks - Property in GrailsViewTemplate
Whether to use absolute links


validateableIncludeExcludeSupport - Property in DefaultJsonViewHelper
VALUE - Enum Constant in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate.State
verifyValue() - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
View - Trait in grails.views.api
Graeme Rocher
VIEW_BASE_CLASS - Field in MarkupViewTemplateEngine
view - Property in DefaultGrailsViewHelper
view - Property in ViewRenderException
viewCache - Field in SmartViewResolver
viewCacheWithPath(java.lang.String) - Method in SmartViewResolver
viewClass - Property in SmartViewResolver
ViewCompilationException - Class in grails.views
Exception when views fail to compile
ViewCompilationException(org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilationFailedException, java.lang.String) - Constructor in ViewCompilationException
ViewCompileOptions - Class in grails.views.gradle
Graeme Rocher
ViewCompileOptions() - Constructor in ViewCompileOptions
ViewConfiguration - Interface in grails.views
Interface for view configurations
viewConfiguration - Property in AbstractGroovyTemplateCompiler
viewConfiguration - Property in JsonViewResolver
viewConfiguration - Property in JsonViewTest
viewConfiguration - Property in MarkupViewResolver
viewConfiguration - Property in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
The view config
ViewException - Class in grails.views
Thrown when an exception occurs rendering a view
ViewException() - Constructor in ViewException
viewHelper - Property in DefaultHalViewHelper
viewHelper - Property in DefaultHalViewHelper.HalStreamingJsonDelegate
viewHelper - Property in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
viewHelper - Field in GrailsView
viewHelper - Field in JsonView
Overrides the default helper with new methods specific to JSON building
ViewRenderException - Class in grails.views
Thrown when a view rendering exception occurs
ViewRenderException(java.lang.String, java.lang.Throwable, grails.views.WritableScript) - Constructor in ViewRenderException
viewResolver - Property in DefaultViewRenderer
Views - Interface in grails.views
Settings and constants for the Groovy view infrastructure
ViewsEnvironment - Class in grails.views
Environment helper methods
ViewsEnvironment() - Constructor in ViewsEnvironment
ViewsTransform - Class in grails.views.compiler
Enhances view scripts with Trait behavior
ViewsTransform.ModelTypesVisitor - Class in grails.views.compiler
ViewsTransform(java.lang.String, java.lang.String) - Constructor in ViewsTransform
viewTemplate - Property in GrailsView
The view template
ViewUriResolver - Interface in grails.views
A ViewUriResolver is response for response template and view URIs using Grails' conventions.
viewUriResolver - Property in ResolvableGroovyTemplateEngine
The configuration to use for compilation
ViewUtils - Class in grails.views.utils
Utility methods for the views project
ViewUtils() - Constructor in ViewUtils
visit(org.codehaus.groovy.ast.ASTNode, org.codehaus.groovy.control.SourceUnit) - Method in ViewsTransform
visitBlockStatement(org.codehaus.groovy.ast.stmt.BlockStatement) - Method in HalCodeVisitorSupport
visitClass(org.codehaus.groovy.ast.ClassNode) - Method in ViewsTransform.ModelTypesVisitor
visitClosureExpression(org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr.ClosureExpression) - Method in BuilderTypeCheckingExtension.BuilderMethodReplacer
visitField(org.codehaus.groovy.ast.FieldNode) - Method in ViewsTransform.ModelTypesVisitor
visitMethodCallExpression(org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr.MethodCallExpression) - Method in ViewsTransform.ModelTypesVisitor
visitSpec(org.spockframework.runtime.model.SpecInfo) - Method in JsonViewSpockExtension
visitVariableExpression(org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr.VariableExpression) - Method in HalCodeVisitorSupport


wasModified() - Method in WritableScriptTemplate
Whether the template has been modified
WritableScript - Interface in grails.views
Interface for scripts that are writable
WritableScriptTemplate - Class in grails.views
A base template class that all Grails view templates should extend from
WritableScriptTemplate.FieldSetter - Class in grails.views
WritableScriptTemplate.MethodSetter - Class in grails.views
WritableScriptTemplate.VariableSetter - Interface in grails.views
WritableScriptTemplate(Class<? extends GrailsView>, java.io.File) - Constructor in WritableScriptTemplate
writeArray(Class<?>, java.lang.Object, org.apache.groovy.json.internal.CharBuf) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
Serializes array and writes it into specified buffer.
writeArray(List<Object>) - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
writeCharSequence(java.lang.CharSequence, org.apache.groovy.json.internal.CharBuf) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
Serializes any char sequence and writes it into specified buffer.
writeCollectionWithClosure(java.io.Writer, java.lang.Iterable, groovy.lang.Closure, grails.plugin.json.builder.JsonGenerator) - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
writeDate(java.util.Date, org.apache.groovy.json.internal.CharBuf) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
Serializes date and writes it into specified buffer.
writeError(java.io.Writer, org.springframework.validation.ObjectError) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.4
writeIterator(Iterator<?>, org.apache.groovy.json.internal.CharBuf) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
Serializes iterator and writes it into specified buffer.
writeKey(java.io.Writer, java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
writeKeyValue(java.io.Writer, java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper
writeLinks(grails.plugin.json.builder.StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate, java.lang.Object, java.lang.String) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper
writeMap(Map<?,?>, org.apache.groovy.json.internal.CharBuf) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
Serializes map and writes it into specified buffer.
writeMapEntry(java.lang.String, java.lang.Object, org.apache.groovy.json.internal.CharBuf) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
Serializes a map entry and writes it into specified buffer.
writeName(java.lang.String) - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
writeNumber(Class<?>, java.lang.Number, org.apache.groovy.json.internal.CharBuf) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
Serializes Number value and writes it into specified buffer.
writeObject(java.lang.Object, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper.HalStreamingJsonDelegate
writeObject(java.lang.String, java.lang.Object, org.apache.groovy.json.internal.CharBuf) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
Serializes object and writes it into specified buffer.
writeObject(java.io.Writer, java.lang.Object, groovy.lang.Closure, grails.plugin.json.builder.JsonGenerator) - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
writeObjects(java.lang.Iterable, groovy.lang.Closure) - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
writer - Field in StreamingJsonBuilder
writer - Field in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate
writeRaw(java.lang.CharSequence, org.apache.groovy.json.internal.CharBuf) - Method in DefaultJsonGenerator
Serializes any char sequence and writes it into specified buffer without performing any manipulation of the given text.
WriterProvider - Interface in grails.views
Interface for views that provider a writer
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in AbstractWritableScript
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.1
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.2
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.3
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.4
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.5
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultGrailsJsonViewHelper.6
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultHalViewHelper.1
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.1
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.2
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.3
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.4
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.5
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.6
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultJsonApiViewHelper.7
writeTo(java.io.Writer) - Method in DefaultJsonViewHelper.1
writeValue(java.lang.Object) - Method in StreamingJsonBuilder.StreamingJsonDelegate




ZonedDateTimeJsonConverter - Class in grails.plugin.json.converters
A class to render a java.time.ZonedDateTime as json
ZonedDateTimeJsonConverter() - Constructor in ZonedDateTimeJsonConverter


_mappingContext - Field in JsonViewUnitTest
_templateEngine - Field in JsonViewUnitTest
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